NZ Deaf Blacks Team set for first international tournament against Argentina

Posted on 20/04/2016

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Description: April 20, 2016. The NZ Deaf Blacks team are off to Argentina where they will meet the Argentina Deaf Rugby Team in 3 test series match to be in Cordoba on Sunday 24th April and in Jujuy on Wednesday 27th and on Saturday 30th April 2016. "We are really excited to be able to get to's the first time that we've had an international tour since that Whales trip and the first time against Argentina as well," said President of Deaf Rugby New Zealand Tony Kuklinski. The team also needs help to achieve their goal for the Deaf Blacks team and being able to attend future tournaments and world cups, as well as encouraging youth to learn and get their sport experiences. "We want young deaf children to grow up dreaming of becoming a part of the Deaf Blacks like hearing kids might dream being part of the All Blacks team, there is no reasons why they can't do that," Tony said. You can donate online at (NZN VIDEO/Geraldine Clermont)